Is BuzzKill safe for children and pets?
Yes! BuzzKill is safe for children and pets.
What can I expect from a BuzzKill technician during an onsite visit?
A BuzzKill technician will walk your property, make note of any problem areas, and provide you with a free, written estimate. Once a treatment option has been selected, our technician will schedule a day and time for your yard treatment.
How often should I have my yard inspected and treated for mosquitoes and other pests?
Any time mosquitoes are a problem is a good time to call BuzzKill. With BuzzKill, you may choose a one-time treatment option for special events, or a multiple treatment solution that provides protection for your family all season long.
How long will a single treatment keep my yard mosquito free?
Each BuzzKill application eliminates 85% to 90% of adult mosquitoes for up to 21 days.
How does BuzzKill guarantee its services?
While no mosquito service can eliminate 100% of mosquitoes, BuzzKill can guarantee you will see a noticeable reduction in mosquito bites, itching, and scratching. We offer 100% satisfaction or your money back – guaranteed!
What can I do to help keep mosquitoes from coming back?
Mosquitoes find safe harbor in foliage around your yard so regular treatments of trees and shrubs are recommended to keep your yard mosquito free.
Mosquitoes are also attracted to standing water such as rain gutters and holding ponds. You can help reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard by treating or eliminating water sources whenever possible. Unblock rain gutters, empty children’s wading pools, and check garden equipment and outside toys for standing water after rainstorms. Only regular treatments will keep your yard free of mosquitoes, but taking these steps will help to eliminate water sources where mosquitoes live and breed.
What is the difference between using professional-grade insecticides and an all-natural or “green” pest control solution?
Insecticides kill mosquitoes and their larva, while all-natural solutions act as a mosquito repellant. Used together, they can create a formidable defense against mosquitoes. Used alone, mosquito repellants are effective up to 14 days compared to 21 days for insecticides.
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